Our Strategy

We partner with top executives to acquire well-positioned middle market businesses where we can establish a clear path to value creation.

To execute our strategy, we bring together the following three key elements in each transaction:

Top Executives

We recruit exceptional executives who assist in selecting and acquiring a company where he or she can develop and lead a tactical value creation plan. These executives are well-established and positioned to recruit top talent in their industries. Furthermore, the executives with whom we partner have successfully led businesses much larger than the businesses we acquire well-positioned middle market company.

We acquire well-positioned businesses with value creation opportunities that are good matches with our executives’ skill sets and industry expertise. Since our establishment, we have refined our investment strategy to focus solely on the three sectors in which we’ve been most active and successful, as well as those where the breadth of our team’s experience and executive networks are the most extensive.

Path to Value Creation

We identify growth and operational improvement opportunities that can be implemented by our seasoned executive partner. Specific value creation initiatives are tailored to each opportunity but most often fall under the following categories: improving operating performance (growing revenues, improving manufacturing efficiency, etc), improving working capital and asset utilization, enhancing the business with add-on acquisitions, developing the management team and creating a value-added board of directors.